Top 5 Music Discoveries of 2013

Top 5 Music Discoveries of 2013 by Violet Skies

Up and coming singer/songwriter Violet Skies has kindly put together a piece for us, on her Top 5 music discoveries of 2013.  Humble as ever, she has not mentioned her own material in the article, but it would be remiss of us not to give her a proper shout out – follow Violet Skies on Twitter, but not before you check out her list.

Ben Khan – Eden
Can we just have a moment of appreciated for the guitar riff in this track? Also the elephant scream shouldn’t work – but it does. Genius Ben Khan, genius.

Jetta – Start a Riot
Liverpudlian Jetta had me sitting right up when I heard this track. It’s brilliant – I saw her live in London this summer and she’s just as brilliant live with a stripped back band. Consider her riot officially started.

Mapei – Don’t Wait

I dance to this in the shower. Sure sign of a good song I believe? Her riffs are so damn catchy – pop magic Miss Mapei.

Holly Partridge

Holly Partridge

TCTS – Over
Vocalled by the very lovely Holly Partridge (who also knows a mean Turkish restaurant when she sees one), TCTS is someone I’ve worked with and for good reason – he’s great at what he does. I defy you to not hum this tune non stop once you’ve heard it.

Axel Kacoutie – White Noise Remix Feat MNEK
My good friend, partner in crime and fellow musical geek – Axel turns everything he touches to gold. Axel knows exactly how to make you sit up and listen, without pushing it in your face. Understated brilliance I reckon.

By Violet Skies

Violet Skies – How The Mighty
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