Kids Again by Example (Review)

Review of Kids Again by Example

At first listen, I wasn’t too sure about Kids Again, the new Example track. Granted it’s taken me a few goes to get into it, but fair play, now I’m truly a fan of it. Not due for release until March but expect it to hit radio airplay from the middle of February.

Kids Again by Example

Kids Again by Example

The hook is just pure class, and the mix I’ve heard is a definite evolution from his previous stuff. Much more electronic, and very much in the sound of Calvin Harris and Tiesto vein. I’ve seen Elliot five times live, and on this early showing, the new material will hook me in for a sixth excursion, how it will fair against the likes of Changed the Way You Kiss Me, Stay Awake and Kickstarts only time will tell.

I tend to prefer his singing as opposed to his rapping – I’m probably in the minority there, but since this is an early review of a single three months away from release I can’t judge on what/if the new album will be much like this, or Kids Again will just be a one off.

Needless to say, 2014 is going to be a big year for Example!

Review by Patrick Downes


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