Young Blood by Sophie Ellis Bextor (Review)

Review of Young Blood by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

When I heard there was a new Sophie Ellis Bextor track on the horizon…but with a new sound and direction, I immediately thought oh noooooo, as I have always been a huge fan of the dance numbers we have all become accustom to.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Sophie Ellis Bextor Strictly Come Dancing pic

Review of Young Blood the new single from Sophie Ellis-Bextor

This ‘new’ sound, suits her so well, and in my opinion this should be the way forward for her. SEB sings Young Blood with such conviction and passion, but still adding her distinctive trade mark, so don’t worry it’s not that far moved.  In my eyes she’s the epitome of British pop dance culture.

But with the dance genre in particular ruling the roost on radio right now, with the likes of Disclosure and Duke Dumont dictating a new credible sound. It’s perhaps the best, as well as a brave move to slow things down, as I believe Ms. Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s last dance offering failed to make the mainstream playlists on national radio.

She will always have the loyal audience, the very ones who joined her on the dancefloor, but they are now slightly older and so will appreciate the more mature sound of Young Blood.  And what better timing…as it’s likely she can bag the Strictly Come Dancing title too.

Review by Jacqui Wright

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