Are You In Love With A Notion by The Courteeners (Review)

Review of Are You In Love With A Notion by The Courteeners

Indie rock four piece The Courteeners burst out of Manchester back in 2006, gripping audiences across the country with their melodic cries of Northern life. After gaining chart success with two previous albums, they hit back with their third and most adventurous album Anna in February of this year, which we all eagerly embraced. This month sees the release of their latest single (the second single to come from this album) Are You in Love with a Notion? The video to which has already racked up over thirty thousand views in three weeks.

Photo of The Courteeners

Review of Are You In Love With A Notion by The Courteeners

This single is a perfect example of what makes Manchester such an important place in the world of indie music – with that unmistakable northern feeling that hits you from the first line of verse one. There’s a little mix of something new in there, a sound that’s doing well for the likes of Bastille and Imagine Dragons, and has certainly served The Courteeners well in this song.

The subject is a popular one for this type of sound. It’s that question that we all ask at least several times a year – Are you really happy with your life right now? This is presented in the melodic and almost Oasis esque vocals of Liam Fray, which is backed up with punchy guitar riffs and several choruses of Whoa’s (that’s sure to be stuck in your head for the next few hours).

Basically this track contains what we loved from the indie sounds of the early naughties and blends it perfectly with what’s making us move in the music of today. This is a fast building easy listen which is sure to have you reaching for the volume dial whenever you hear it.


Review by Hev Bailey


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