Get Your Kit Out

Get Your Kit Out

As regular readers are aware, up until now, Music Eyz has concentrated solely on the actual music.  Providing passionate, honest and unbiased reviews of the latest signed and unsigned acts.  No matter how good the music is though, you need something good to play it on, quality gear to listen to it and anything to show off the quality and depths of the music.

We are talking headphones, players, stereos, docking stations, speakers and much, much more.  We will also take on the more professional stuff, DJ equipment, amps for bands and lighting equipment.

As with the music, the reviews will be by real music fans, they will be honest and free of commercial influence.  Unlike the magazines you buy from the newsagents, these are real and reviews you can trust.

Get Your Kit Out will showcase and review some of the hottest equipment to help you enjoy your music.  Obviously if you want to provide any reviews, you have kit you want us to review, or if you have a set-up you are particularly proud of, let us know.

We hope you enjoy the new section and feel free to send us some ideas.

DJ Equipment

DJ Equipment


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