Thunder by Jessie J (Review)

Jessie J is ‘Electrifying’ in her new video for Thunder

After hearing Jessie J’s new album Alive, it’s no surprise to me that the singer chose Thunder to be the first single off the album.
The sound of her second album is very different in comparison to Who You Are.. As Jessie explains herself, its a lot more  “mature and has more warmth” as opposed to her Do It like A Dude days. This album feels like Jessie has stripped back and laid her self bare for all to see, no longer hiding behind the black wig and lipstick, we get to see the real Jessie J.
Review of Thunder by Jessie J

Review of Thunder of Jessie J

The track Thunder is one of my favourites from the album. The lyrics have meaning and depth, its not just a everyday ‘pop’ song we hear daily. A great song has something special that you can relate to, and this has exactly that. The video is Jessie’s best by far, no fancy scene changes, no costumes. Just Jessie looking stunning and natural with great surroundings to fit in with the song.
If your not a fan of Jessie J’s previous material I would suggest you take a listen to the new album as there is definitely something on there for everyone. From soul, to gospel, to RnB. Jessie shows off her extent vocal range on each track.
Great track. Great Album. Great video. Well Done Jessie.
Review by Abbie Lennard
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