Your Body by Kyle Lettman (Review)

Review of Your Body by Kyle Lettman

As one of the leading UK urban artists to pave the way for British music in the United States, the recognizable tone and perfected image of Kyle Lettman is one that has been known for the last decade, yet you may not recognize his name. Previously part of Pop band FDM previously known as Fundamental, Kyle found great success, with songs such as the well-known Playground and Jump signing to Geffen Records alongside Mary J Blige and Keyshia Cole and performed on tours throughout Europe and the United States.
Review of Your Body by Kyle Letterman

Review of Your Body by Kyle Letterman

Now a few years down the line the 20 something kicks off his very own solo career with the release of a new single… Your Body.
The track itself intrigued me by its mixed sounds throughout the three minute long video. It starts off being the prefect RnB Slow jam which has great vocals from Kyle. The video its nicely shot, with romantic scenes, then a minute in it switches up to a mixed up techno sound, which then falls into place as a old skool garage track.
For me this song needed to be one or the other, makes a great slow jam and works really well with the garage vibe also. The strange sounds in-between need to be dropped and it would be a great track. Something that would definitely not look or sound out of place in the UK charts right now.
Kyle has shown he is a talented singer and also dancer from his previous career within the band and now in his own right as a solo artist.
One to watch in my opinion..
Review by Abbie Lennard

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