Always by MK ft Alana (Review)

Review of Always by MK ft. Alana

The original of this came out in 1992, and I have to admit to not being familiar with it. This may well be a blessing in disguise as I looked at this collection of new remixes from completely fresh eyes. There is an extended club mix by MK, a mix by the latest name in House music; Route 94, two mixes from NY Stomp and finally a Bonus Bounce from Gerd.

Review Always by MK ft Alana

Review Always by MK ft Alana

The probable lead mix from Route 94 starts off with an almost acapella of the vocals before the synth and beat kick in. The looped vocals and stabbing synth and beat fit well together. There is a break around halfway through for another acapella before the synth kicks in for a second solo. This is produced well and you can tell why Route 94 is being talked about as the next big thing in House as it is probably the most modern sounding of the five remixes.
The NY Stomp mix is more piano led at the start with a more “old school” vibe about it, as the vocals start the piano and 4/4 beats continue. This is probably my favourite of the five mixes.
The NY Stomp Dub is five minutes of harder beats with much of the vocals removed bar a couple of words which are looped and act as additional beats. I can imagine this one going down well on the party islands. I loved the bass in the closing minute of this!
The extended club mix seems to combine the best of the NY Stomp and the Route 94 mixes with extended piano loops and a decent bass in the background, just not sure that eight minutes is the optimum length for a tune like this.
The Gerd Bonus Bounce is the simplest of the remixes containing the vocals and a bouncy bassline which keeps things ticking along nicely.
A very good remix package of this classic tune, all of which will appeal to different House fans and be heard in different clubs here and abroad.

Review by Nick Rayman


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