Solitude by Kosheen (Album Review)

Review of Solitude the new album by Kosheen

So its no secret that Ed is from Bristol.  Perhaps that is the reason Music Eyz was born.  Bristol is a hotbed of music.  Its I home to legendary urban acts such as Massive Attack, Tricky and of course Portishead.  Acts such as Dr Meaker are emerging.  Well another Bristol act are back and threatening to make another tilt at the charts.  Kosheen were a name in the late 90s and the track Hide U reached number 6.  Since then a variety of tracks have charted and a number have received critical acclaim.

Review of Solitude by Kosheen

Review of Solitude by Kosheen

You may also remember a little track by DJ Fresh called Louder.  Yes it made number one and featured vocals from Kosheen‘s very own Sian Evans.  Many thought the track was made by Sian‘s vocals.  Whatever your view, she was a massive contributor to the tracks success and she is back with Kosheen and ready to lead the rejuvenation of one of Bristol’s finest.

So is Solitude any good?  Well first off, it is different to the last album Independence.  That was quite an upbeat number.  Solitude is a little darker, really playing to the trip hop roots of the group and staying true to the Bristol sound.  Throughout the album there are brushes of catchy synth melodies and a range of beats ready to test the ear drums.

The album is, in the main, a sombre track, not one to listen to if you’re a bit down.  Its experimental nature and innovative methods of production keep you entranced though.  To the casual listener, you could be forgiven for thinking that the haunting vocals are a little lost in the mix and beats.  This is definitely not the case though, Kosheen have their chemistry set out, and they are using the vocals as part of the instruments within the mix, blending and mixing them with the delicate synths.

The album is a much more relaxed affair.  Almost like the one Kosheen have always wanted to make.  It almost feels like it is Kosheen sticking two fingers up at the majors and the commercial world and stating here we are.  The album plays with the commercial nature, utilising a couple or dance type tracks, ensuring some radio play.  But the album isn’t made for commercial success, this is one for credibility, this is one for their core fans.

Solitude is a great production, one that you should listen to and one I would definitely recommend you buy.  Kosheen are back and hopefully here to stay.

Harder They Fall is the first single to be released from the album, which you can listen to and see the official video for below.


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