Kung Fu Hustler by ShaoDow (Review)

Review of Kung Fu Hustler by ShaoDow

Its taken us a while to get round to review this offer from ShaoDow, and for that we are sorry.  Do you know why? This album is up there with the best UK hip hop has ever produced.  It is a criminal offence we didn’t bring this to you earlier.  Before we get to the album, incidentally funded by ShaoDow himself (with the help of a growing online community of support), we need to explore the background to ShaoDow a little.

ShaoDow Kung Fu Hustler

ShaoDow Kung Fu Hustler

ShaoDow doesn’t have the backing of any majors. The boy don’t even have PR or company budgets supporting him.  Where ShaoDow has got is nothing short of incredible.  He has done it all himself. Pushed his material out there.  Produced it. Made the CDs and obviously wrote and performed the joints himself.  This man must never sleep.

The great thing about Kung Fu Hustler is that ShaoDow, despite his struggles and fierce independence of his music, has produced an album in keeping with his raw nature, but also showing hints of commercial viability.  This isn’t some dodgy attempt at being commercial by softening the beats and putting in a generic female vocal.  ShaoDow‘s commercial elements are created through expert production and some killer hooks.

The production itself is a veritable melting pot of hip hop, grime, dubstep with added hints of rock.  The eclectic mix of music results in 21 tracks on the album.  Now often when you have an album with a large number of tracks, there are generally a third which can politely be described as fillers.  Not on Kung Fu Hustler.  This is an inspired mix and details the story and journey that ShaoDow has taken, all the way back to him training in the martial arts of Shaolin.  That’s, right, its not just a name, this boy is a weapon himself, so don’t mess.

For us, the album is a must for you all, and this point isn’t made lightly or because ShaoDow has threatened to beat us up (he hasn’t by the way), its just packed of quality from start to finish.  The genuine standout track though, has to be Shaolin Mode.  This is where you can see ShaoDow demonstrates his passion.  He loves this, he means it and it all shows in the production.

Genuinely, if you haven’t already, you need to get out there and buy Kung Fu Hustler.  If you like it, look out for some of the older stuff from ShaoDow, its all genuine gritty UK underground music.

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