Interview with Chad Woodrow Gerber

Interview with Chad Woodrow Gerber

Interview Natalie Yildiz-Combey
Natalie: So since we last spoke Chad, it seems like you have been extremely busy and by the way, congratulations on the success of your album release. As you know I listened to In The Beginning and reviewed the release, it was definitely well deserved.
Interview with Chad woodrow Gerber

Interview with Chad woodrow Gerber

Natalie: How did it feel to have such good feedback from the release ?
Chad: Thank you! It felt great to see something I had been wanting to make for so long finally come together in the right way, then have such a positive response, even among the snowboard and surfing communities as it was featured in so many videos. The entire record was made in the most unconventional way, which was the point, so it was pretty cool to see it do so well.
Natalie: Did you do anything to celebrate? 
Chad: The entire year has been insanely busy, so I haven’t done a proper celebration yet, but I keep making plans for when things slow down… but I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon. I think I might have gone out for sushi at some point for a celebration dinner lol.
Natalie: It’s nice to see you getting recognised and you have such a great talent it’s definitely not one you want to waste. We all know from the first time I reviewed your stuff and had the chance to interview you that you weren’t just a one trick pony and you are a very multi talented artist.
Natalie: So tell us what is new with Chad woodrowgerber ? 
Chad: Aside from music I’m actually collaborating on a woodrowgerber graphic novel with an amazing artist in Australia who goes by the name Silva. We don’t have a release date set, but we’re hashing out story and concept art right now, and from what we have so far, this thing is insanely cool. It basically follows a caricature of me as I go on paranormal adventures, dimension jumping and stuff. I’m beyond excited to be apart of this. A graphic novel has been on my to do list for a while, so when this entire thing presented itself I jumped on it!
Natalie: You told me you have had this exciting opportunity to score, write and compose an entire soundtrack for an adventure travel series called Expedition Overload. And I have to admit it sounds pretty amazing.
Natalie: Can you tell us a little bit about what you will be up  to and how you got this great opportunity ? 
Chad: Yeah, it’s way cool. I just signed on for probably the largest project I’ve ever done to date. Doing an entire original soundtrack for a new type of series called Expedition Overland that follows people who adventure into the wilds of remote locations around the world in super modded out vehicles. When they approached me about doing it I was interested in their desire for more of a collaboration than just a “hey score my film” situation. I’ve done both, but with their approach in giving me huge amounts of creative freedom, flying me in for some on location scoring etc, I knew this was going to be a special project. I’m writing, scoring, and recording the music for 12 videos/episodes and will release the entire soundtrack full of the best tracks in the spring. If you’re at all familiar with Redbull films or snowboard adventuring films, this is somewhat in that genre. Amazing footage. The project is really pushing my boundaries, but that’s why I’m doing it. I’ve been locked in the studio since October (rarely stepping outside) working on it. 
Natalie: It always sounds like you’re having such a blast and it’s obvious you have the passion to give it everything you’ve got.
Natalie: Do you ever wish you could take some time off from it all ?
Chad: Yes and no. I feel alive when I’m creating music, it’s that true love’s first kiss feeling over and over, but sometimes I just want to vanish and stay in a bungalow over the water in Bora Bora, or  do a month long motorcycle trip with Ewen McGreggor and some buddies lol (that would be so awesome). I consider any time away from music, time that I can recharge my creativity by absorbing new experiences to then use in my music once I’m done… so taking time off from music is never completely possible.
Natalie: As well as your music it was exciting to hear that you will be collaborating on a supernatural graphic novel with Australian artist Silva.
Natalie: Tell us, how did this collaboration come about ? 
Chad: Silva contacted me a while back and asked if she could hand draw a pointillism sketch of me, which turned out amazing. We then got to talking about superheroes, comics, the paranormal, and art, and before I knew it she had mockups drawn for the graphic novel and we were tossing story ideas back and forth. It’s one of those projects that has taken on a life of its own and we’re just watching it unfold.
Natalie: Getting back to your own music, do you have any plans to release any new material, and will you be true to the woodrowgerber sound ?
Chad: Absolutely. Spring will be that huge collection of work from the Expedition Overland soundtrack, which is my most current sound and my best work yet I think, and I’ve begun some basic pre-production on the next record, I’m aiming to have out next fall. I’m going to take my time with it though since I’ve been getting a lot of requests for singles, collaborations, scores, etc. I’m not sticking to any model anymore, now it’s whoever is ready to go and can keep up, I’m in lol.
Natalie: Some artists love writing and recording their material but when it comes to live dates and touring find the whole thing a whole lot of pressure.
Natalie: How do you feel about performing live on tour dates? And do you have any plans to do so ?
Chad: The road is in my blood, I love touring and performing live, but I’ve been happily swamped with making tons of music this year….. Which also sucks because performing live is the icing on the cake for me. I’ve been touring and performing live since 2001, but now with the bad economy still being bad, even MORE shady promoters, and venues closing up shop, I’m looking into some new avenues for live music. There’s been some talk going around for an Arizona show in the spring, along with some other dates, but I’m still waiting for solid details. I’m at a place where it’s worth it to me to do touring and live absolutely right, which keeps the standards of the show as high as possible. I see more spot dates, residencies, and fly-in gigs in the future. I just need to break away from the studio!
Natalie: It’s always such a pleasure getting to know about all your new stuff and I love being updated with it. I was pleased I got the chance to have this second interview with you. Before you go,

Natalie: What can we expect from you in the near future? And do you have any desire to try any new things ?

Chad: Always a pleasure catching up! Expect a lot of new music, more video content aligned with my music, graphic novels, live dates, a new music video, and a remix here and there!

I want to try wing suit flying and free diving.


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