Thirty Seconds to Mars, Cardiff (Gig Review)

Gig Review – Thirty Seconds to Mars – Motorpoint Arena Cardiff

Two things you need to realize;

1) I’m not a massive fan of Thirty Seconds to Mars

2) I like stadium anthems

So the two above statements are a little bit contradictory of each other and last night at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, Thirty Seconds To Mars kicked off the UK leg of their current tour and I was blown away.

30 Seconds to Mars Cardiff Gig

30 Seconds to Mars Cardiff Gig

I know a few Thirty Seconds To Mars songs off the radio, so to hear them perform live was something of a “are they any good” moment. Answer to that is a resounding yes!

My education of Thirty Seconds To Mars is now complete, and I can say hand on heart they are blooming good. Jared Leto isn’t a “snarling emo rock god” – he’s a really personable front man who can appreciate who he is, and how he’s got there. Plus being an actor helps I suppose.

If you are planning on seeing them on this tour, go early and appreciate the quality of the support act – You Me at Six. They’ve been around for a good while and it’s good to see how far they’ve come. Next year they’ll be doing a headlining tour of their own. Not many support (guest) slots get me really excited, The Killers on the U2‘s Vertigo tour in 2005 were the last, but You Me at Six are definitely a band I need to check out more – as should you.

My one stand out, hairs up on the back of my neck, moment was for Kings & Queens. There’s nothing better hearing a sold out 6,000 crowd singing along to one of the best anthems of the past 10 years. Even when it was just Jared and his guitar, the acoustics around the arena, for once, were well suited. Maybe the type of song is better suited to a stadium, but for me, it wouldn’t matter where they played, you’d still get that intimate feeling from hearing them play.

Back to my first two statements;

1) I am now a massive fan of Thirty Seconds to Mars

2) I still love stadium anthems – and realize they can be played anywhere and have that same wow moment.

Review by @ImPatrickDownes


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