Reality Provoking Liberation by Apex Zero (Review)

Review of Reality Provoking Liberation by Apex Zero

I love to learn about artists that I’ve never heard of before, because it allows me broaden my music genres and understanding. I have to be honest I hadn’t heard of Apex Zero before getting this opportunity to listen to his debut album release Reality Provoking Liberation. On reading the bio on him before, I was intrigued on the type of sound I would be listening to and whether it would be something that I would enjoy.

Review of Apex Zero

Review of Apex Zero

It was interesting to read that the style of Apex Zero was different to that of what I usually listen to, as in it includes a range of political and social issues within the rap and hip hop genre. On pressing play for the first time you can instantly hear how passionate he is about his chosen career and you can hear the fire in his belly to how much he wants it.

It’s a lot more in your face and passionate than I was anticipating, maybe a little aggressive but I guess it’s the truth that he is talking and his lyrics are on point.

You can see the likening to Akala, who is more about spitting the truth and being real with the music he makes, telling it how it is and building up a fan base that way and Apex Zero sounds no different.

Although it’s not something i would regularly listen to, I think he has a good career ahead and there’s space in the industry for what he has to offer. It’s not your standard commercial type and it’s good to see he is an all round artist in that he also produces too.

I would recommend everyone to at least give this album a listen, it’s kind of inspirational.

Review by Natalie Combey Yildiz


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