Breakfast Can Wait by Prince (Review)

Review of Breakfast Can Wait by Prince

A musical genius is someone who isn’t afraid of reinvention, something Prince certainly hasn’t shied away from over a three decade career. His music has spanned genres, from rock to pop, funk to R&B. This new track continues that trend.
Review of Breakfast Can Wait by Prince

Review of Breakfast Can Wait by Prince

Prince is reportedly hard at work on a new album, rumoured to be entitled Plectrum Electrum, but there’s no official confirmation or release date just yet. In the meantime, you’ll just have to keep yourself entertained with his social media debut on Twitter.
Breakfast Can Wait, the first track to be taken from his new album Plectrum Electrum which is recorded with his band 3RDEYEGIRL is a silky smooth melody which takes you back to the 90’s RnB jams.  The beat is infectiously catchy and the sultry bass lines make a already sexual beat sound even more so!
The sexual tone is typical of Prince, but with a new soulful edge that will have the current chart artists quaking in their Louboutins..
18 year old Danielle Curiel directed video, she gives us a  female Prince impersonator, some raunchy dance routines and one seriously saucy breakfast! Perfectly matches the sexed-up jam like you’d expect it to.
All in all, this track gets a huge thumbs up, Prince is a music legend and anything the purple one seems to touch, turns to gold!
Review by Abbie Lennard

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