Review of My Yout by Joey Bada$$ (Review)

Review of Joey Bada$$ – My Yout

We like Joey Bada$$ here at Music Eyz. We like his new song too. A lot. The Brooklyn emcee delivers his new tune in a colab creation with Anglo-Irish Maverick Sabre. The tune instantly reminds me of the crossover concept album Distant Relatives by Damien Marley and Nas, this isn’t a difficult conclusion seeing as it’s a Reggae hip hop fusion, but the standard of production and the instant listenability (made up word) is fantastic. As soon as you hear it you want to turn it up, get it on a proper system, then you want to cruise around driving with this on, and then naturally you can’t wait to actually hear it live.

Review of My Yout by Joey Badass

Review of My Yout by Joey Bada$$

Maverick Sabre’s unique, instantly recognisable voice blends beautifully with the track and complements Joey’s gritty Wu Tang-esque vocals perfectly, and with his effortless flow and clever lyrics this is a sure fire hit. The Pro Era rapper’s lyrical mastery goes from strength to strength with every track he releases, proving the common notion that hip hop’s future is bleaker than ever couldn’t be more wrong. There’s a Nas/Wu Tang/Biggie/Rakim influence in his style and delivery, but he also puts his own twist on his flow, maybe it’s the fusion of all these influences and probably many more that gives him his unique style and sound, all I know is I love it, and I’m definitely not the only one..

This is the perfect song to announce the release of his Summer Nights EP, a 7-song digital release out now on Relentless Records/Cinematic Music Group. We can look forward to some great colab projects in the future with Joey, his style can fit in to anything and there are some great artists out there that no doubt will be very keen to work with this 18 year future hiphop superstar.

Review by Michael Wilkins


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