Rosa Parks by Lady Lykez (Review)

Review of Rosa Parks by Lady Lykez

I hadn’t heard of Lady Lykez before listening to her last track I Love My Butt and thinking it was unlike much of what I had heard before. It’s honest, catchy and the lyric flow is undeniable throughout. And now the talented lady is back with her next release Rosa Parks and as ever the lyrics are punchy and fiery.

UK female rapper Lady Lykez

UK female rapper Lady Lykez

The more I listen to Lady Lykez, the more I see comparisons with Missy Elliott and you can hear the passion in every lyric she spits. The flow in which she spits is quick and has you hooked from start to end.

There’s no denying she is incredibly talented and she is obviously going to appeal to a large audience. She is also definitely, doing it for the ladies. We hear so many guys spitting lyrics and Lady Lykez is doing it for us, the female of the species.   The beats that she spits over are fierce and they have you nodding your head along, so much that you get lost in them. The lyrics are tight and on point and it’s clear to see when you listen to her stuff she has a passion for what she does.

I’m excited to see what Lady Lykez brings to the table next and as I’ve said there’s no one out there at the moment quite like her. If she stays true to herself then her fan base will undeniably increase.  It’s now just a case of getting out there and getting noticed, standing out from the crowd.

Review by Natalie Combey Yildiz


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