Its #Movember – Top 10 Beards or Moustaches in Music

Music Eyz Movember – Top 10 Beards or Moustaches in Music

In time honoured fashion, thousands of men take it upon themselves to grow face fuzz in the month of November,  Aptly titled Movember we thought we should do our bit.  Rather than subjecting the UK to horrid pictures of the team with road kill on our faces, we thought we would celebrate this occasion by listing the Top 10 Beards or Moustaches in music.  Honorary mentions go out to Prince and Chas and Dave, neither of whom did quite enough to make it in to our list.  Equally, no females take place in the Top 10, not even Grace Jones.  Anyway, here it is, let us know what you think.

#Movember’s Top 10 Facial Hair in Music

1. ZZ Top

Movember Winner of top beard ZZ Top

Winner of top beard ZZ Top

There could be no doubting who would top this list.  Texan rockers ZZ Top were more well known for the amount of hair on their faces than any of their music.  HIts such as Give Me All Your Lovin’ and Legs were not enough to distract music fans from the flowing locks, not on their heads but their faces.  Damn it, they were so proud the drummer was even called Frank Beard.

So thick was the beardiness of ZZ Top it is rumoured that entire life forms have developed on their faces and Terry Waite was actually never taken hostage, he just got lost then going backstage at one of their concerts.

We salute you ZZ Top.  You win this hands down.

2. Freddie Mercury

Movember Freddie Mercury Top Tache

Movember Freddie Mercury Top Tache

Freddie Mercury was synonymous with 70s and 80s rock.  The lead singer of Queen and acclaimed solo artist was a bit of a tormented soul.  He passed in tragic circumstances, which is a big loss to music.  Rather than go down that sad path, lets concentrate on one of the other big things about Freddie, that amazing Tache.  Freddie experimented with face fuzz on a number of occasions, the main reason it is thought he grew the immense moustache was to hide his rather large teeth.  It is rumoured it was those choppers that removed his tache a few times.  Other rumours that Freddie‘s tache is still roaming the earth are unsubstantiated.

3. The Bee Gees

Movember contenders Bee Gees

Movember Bee Gees, go the extra mile and don’t just stop with their faces

Bee Gees, were known for their swagger.  Their high pitched tones.  Their tight clothes and of course for a major role in Saturday Night Fever.  The Australian/English group had one other major thing going for them.  They were incredibly hairy.  They were almost as hairy on their chests and backs as the amount covering their faces and heads.

At one point, The Bee Gees did an outdoor gig in the forest.  It was really hot, so the boys treated the ladies in the crowd by removing their tops.  Rumour has it, several hunters shot darts at them mistaken them for a family of Bigfoot.  Thankfully, the trio carried on and treated us to their hairy selves and some classic musical moments.

4. John Lennon

Hippy John Lennon does well in Movember Top 10

Hippy John Lennon does well in Movember Top 10

John Lennon one quarter of the Beatles, husband of Yoko Ono and peace fighter was an acclaimed singer/songwriter.  When Lennon entered his hippy mode, he also took to cultivating his own rug.  Massive hippy long hair and beard to die for.  There is no truth that the beard that Lennon sported was the result of a particular passionate rendezvous with Yoko.

5. George Michael

Movember George Michael half way in the list with his half beard

Movember George Michael half way in the list with his half beard

George Michael was known for his slightly camp videos with Wham.  Videos with supermodels during his solo career. And videos of his driving at Supasnaps (or some other Photo Shop).  Whatever you all think of George Michael there is no doubting that he has had some amazing looks over the years.  Particular favourite of mine is the half beard look in the pic above.  George has a constant full face of hair now.

6. Mick Fleetwood

Dumbledore aka Mick Fleetwod

Dumbledore aka Mick Fleetwod

Mick Fleetwood is an actor, but best known for his place as founder and drummer of Fleetwood Mac.  Not many people know that Mick Fleetwood is an actor, although if you look closely enough, you can see that he is the stunt double for Dumbledore in the Harry Potter epics.

7. Pavarotti

Pavarotti in the Movember Top 10 List

Tenor Pavarotti eats in to the competition in our Movember list

Pavarotti is widely recognised as one of the greatest opera singers to have ever graced the world.  Inspired by the Go Compare man, Pavarotti hit wide-spread acclaim with Nessun Dorma, the song that accompanied the World Cup in Italia 90.  Another key feature of Pavarotti was his sheer size.  Many of us wondered how he managed to maintain such a size with the energy he put in to his performances.  Well the secret is finally uncovered.  Simple, he used to hide a collection of snacks in his crazy beard, letting them drop in to his mouth when he got those high notes.  Kind of a reward.

8. Wizzard

Movember Top 10 Wizzard

Wizzard Flunked Santa School

Wizzard formed after a group of young man found solace in each other after all failing to make the grade at Santa School.  Rather than let the sadness get to them, they decided to destroy Christmas for a generation.  I Wish It Could Be Christmas was played over and over again and is still an ever present on the annual Christmas compilations.  If it wasn’t for our hatred of that song, you may have come higher in the Top 10 Wizzard.

9. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix makes it in to the Movember Top 10

Jimi Hendrix makes it in to the Movember Top 10

Finally a bit of credibility.  Jimi Hendrix is widely recognised as one of the greatest musicians of all time.  Hendrix is cited by many contemporary acts as their inspiration and created some magical moments of his own.  Among those are the magical hair he grew all over his face and head.  Nice hat too Jimi.

10. Bob Marley

Movember Top 10 list member Bob Marley

Movember Top 10 list member Bob Marley

Bob Marley is the most famous Jamaican export, perhaps second to Usain Bolt.  Either way, Marley was a legend.  His great ability to make easy listening Reggae music whilst still supporting a political agenda has still to be passed.  Marley was as famed for his flowing, um err, snake like locks.  But he also sported some great facial hair.


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