Wake Up by Ruinz Ason (Review)

Review of Wake Up by Ruinz Ason

Wow, wow, wow, wow.  As UK hip hop and to some degree UK urban music in general has been struggling to live up to years gone by, along comes Ruinz Ason with a power drive right back in the guts.  His new track Wake Up is something of great quality.  The lyrical ability of Ruinz Ason has never been in question, the boy can rap.

Review of Wake Up by Ruinz Ason

Review of Wake Up by Ruinz Ason

So, has he followed through with his ability on Wake Up? The truth is, yes and some.  Powerful and confident rapping, delivered with a real flow that even the likes of Kendrick would admire.  The structure of the rhymes is spot on.  The construction of the track is first class and the story telling is up there with the best the UK has produced.

The track is a serious slant at the urban scene, asking real questions of the established acts like Wretch 32, Tinie Tempah and Dizzee Rascal.  Even some of our more underground acts like Genesis Elijah must be keeping one eye open.

What often signals the more underground acts as sticking to the unknown is the amateur nature of their visuals.  Ruinz Ason has somehow delivered something that also looks visually up there with some of the best videos.  There are moments of real professionalism and some lovely touches of humour.  Love the masks, especially The Voice judges nodding their heads in the car. That poor girl having to don the Jessie J mask though, ha ha.

The sign off to the video was visually good to, using the weapon to create some kind of vortex or black hole was a great way to end.  Now the UK music scene needs to stand up and take notice.  One of the best unsigned acts of the last couple of years has upped his game.  Now you need to listen and put up.

Wake Up is one to listen to.  Top work Ruinz Ason

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