Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko ft Childish Gambino (Review)

Review of Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko ft Childish Gambino

Before receiving this video in the old Music Eyz inbox, I must admit, I hadn’t heard of Jhene Aiko. I was almost put off by the title, but the collaboration with Childish Gambino and my thirst for good new urban music made me listen. You know what, I am glad I did.

Review of Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko ft Childish Gambino

Review of Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko ft Childish Gambino

The video kicks off with a retro mono or duo colour look to it, deliberately adopting a grainy image to give the impression that its from the vaults. The peace symbols scrolled on the background are a big indication that the track and Jhene Aiko take influence from John Lennon. If you listen to the style of the track that is probably where the similarity ends. Jhene isn’t trying to push a massively political message, just good music.

At the very start Jhene displays an individual tone to her voice, almost a little croaky and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It has a really intriguing feel to her voice. She then bursts in to her chorus and the beauty of her voice shines through.

The song itself is broken up a little by interview clips interspersed, which although an unusual is a bit annoying, only because you want to hear the track. Whilst her voice seems a little innocent and angelic, Jhene does curse a little. But don’t that put you off.

What I really love about this track and Jhene Aiko’s voice is that you can tell she can really sing. Yet unlike a number of contemporary female singers, she doesn’t feel the need to belt out at the top of her voice and range. She is always in control and at a level that is somewhat infectious. Then you add on a really “nice” rap from Childish Gambino on a mellow tip and its a great track not sure about “wiping your runny nose on my shirt though”.

I am genuinely a big fan of this track. Really like Jhene Aiko and obviously a big fan of Childish Gambino. Overall a great track that deserves a lot of attention and success. You have our support Jhene.


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