Rap God by Eminem (Review)

Review of Rap God by Eminem

Since Eminem released Rap God on his YouTube account on the 16th of the month, it has amassed a beastly 15 million views, and it’s easy to see why. This is the first Em track I’ve felt for a long time, and it pains me to write that, but the truth is he set the bar so high for the whole hip hop world with his first three albums that his more recent releases just haven’t lived up to expectation for me.

Review of Rap God by Eminem

Review of Rap God by Eminem

I’m gonna split this track right down the middle, not in length, but in composition. Backing tune, I’m not feeling the techno inspired beat that much, it’s a long way from hip hop, purposely of course, to appeal to a larger market, but I’m not feeling it. Not enough bass for a start, plus it just could have been better, saying that I can imagine this will spawn some evil remixes once the acapella of this song becomes available.

So on to the verses.  My god, what a throw back to his early stuff, the variance in tempo, from one extreme to the other, is a master class in vocabulary, rhyme and breath control. This track will cause the equilibrium of the world to shift when he drops this at his next arena show! The ‘supersonic’ verse is unreal, to deliver that many words in such little time is basically impossible, but not only is he rhyming at an incredible pace, but what he’s saying isn’t just coherent, its intelligent, witty, and his numerous nods to hip hop legends current and past are awesome.

Write off Eminem at your peril, this hip hop hall of famer is back at the top of the game..

The King of Hiphop?

Eminem – “Be a king? Think not – why be a king when you can be a God?”

Review by Michael Wilkins

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