Flip It by Charlotte Devaney ft Snoop Dogg (Review)

Review of Flip It by Charlotte Devaney ft Snoop Dogg

You may not know who Charlotte Devaney is, after all she is hardly a household name.  So how the hell did she manage to get Snoop Dogg to feature on her new track Flip It?  God knows, but it certainly grabs the attention.

Now it is quite plain to see that Charlotte and Snoop never got together to record Flip It, after all, Snoop is represented in the video by a mug.  Maybe he was too busy being a snail at the time (ask the kids!).  But unlike a number of other tracks where rappers have featured on up and coming artists tracks, the Snoop lines are obviously meant for the track.  There have been a few where a UK artist has created a track and then got the rappers lines and made it work, not this one.

Review of Flip It Charlotte Devaney ft Snoop Dogg

Review of Flip It Charlotte Devaney ft Snoop Dogg

So Flip It is a bouncy little dance number.  Decent beats with some high pitched notes made clear by a whistle sound.  The track actually opens with Snoop‘s laidback delivery and he moves in to the chorus as the backing track beefs up.  The futuristic sounds increase and that’s when we first hear Charlotte‘s vocal.  She has that kind of shouty, high delivery to her vocals, kind of Icona Pop I Love It style.

Charlotte Devaney won’t be winning any awards for her vocals.  Snoop probably won’t be putting this at the top of his list of achievements either.  However, none of that matters, this is actually a fun track.  It has a good sound that you can bounce around to and of course we all love Snoop.

Charlotte Devaney has delivered something pretty decent in the form of Flip It.  A track that is now stuck in my head.


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