Time of Our Lives by ReConnected (Review)

Review of Time of Our Lives by Reconnected

So when you see the image on the CD of Reconnected, you are able to guess what type of music this will be.  The overly styled Manchester boys are as orange as the crew of The Only Way Is Essex after being bathed in a vat of Sunny Delight.  So its obvious that this will be a track from a manufactured boy band.

Time of Our Lives by ReConnected

Time of Our Lives by ReConnected

Despite me never hearing of Reconnected before, they do come with some stature, having supported Little Mix through part of their tour.  Whilst I am not the target market for boy bands, I can obviously review Time of Our Lives like any other piece of music.

From the intro, the assumptions you make from the image are well founded.  Real modern, cheesy and tinny EDM sets the track off.  The boys kick in with the vocal, a little higher than the usual boy band.  The chorus has a real shift and key change that provides a genuine pop hook.  However the overall sound is just too manufactured to enable you to warm to it.  The levels are all wrong and despite the repetitive nature you never feel in danger of getting it stuck in your head.

The accompanying PR states that Reconnected are “ready to fill the gap in pop/dance music left behind by JLS“. I am not sure JLS were in that genre, but Reconnected are nowhere near that level.  The JLS boys despite reducing popularity in the face of One Direction were really accomplished artists.  They also managed to adapt their style to the current trend.

Sadly it feels like ReConnected tried to do this with Time of Our Lives, but went too far.

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