Bad 4 U by Tanika (Review)

Review of Bad 4 U by Tanika

So new artist Tanika is making some noise on the new music scene, with the likes of Trevor Nelson and  Miles Kane amongst her supporters.  Tanika‘s single Bad 4 U, explores how she as an individual is Bad for, well you.  In terms of the track, the beats have a genuine influence of Tinie Tempah or Labrinth about them.  Heavy in parts but brought to the level on the verses to enable Tanika‘s voice to stand out.  The overall composition is good, with pretty high production values present.  If there was any criticism of the sound, it would be the treatment on Tanika‘s vocals, which at time feels a little extreme.

New artist Tanika and single Bad 4 U

Review of Bad 4 U by Tanika

Tanika displays good vocal ability with pretty good range.  If anything, you get the feeling she may be holding back a little and if she were on X Factor, she would be one of those girls able to belt out some numbers. Thankfully she isn’t on X Factor and she doesn’t feel the need to shout or scream out her lyrics.  The delivery is measured, confident and perfect for a UK RnB number.

So whilst the production and vocals are good, what about the song itself?  Well, for somebody so early in her career I think you can excuse Tanika.  Some of the lyrics are a little clumsy in the way they are written, some are simply too obvious.  I am not sure if Tanika wrote this one herself but her singing ability seems a little too good for the lyrics.

Finally we get on to the video.  As seems to be the rage at the moment, the star of the video, in this case Tanika, seems to be living somewhere particularly warm.  As a consequence, she is quite happy to not have to cover up.  Quite what she is doing with that lorry is beyond me, maybe Miley Cyrus and her Wrecking Ball have more to answer for than we realise.

With good management and some clever choices, Tanika could be one to watch in 2014.  Britain needs a credible RnB vocalist and I think we may have just found one.

Overall a great effort by Tanika, good vocals with equally good production.  Whilst the lyrics won’t win a Brit Award for songwriting, it doesn’t dampen what is a good track overall.  The video on the other hand …

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