Hotel by Shanell (Review)

Review  Hotel by Shanell

Now when I was first sent new track Hotel by Shanell, I have to admit, I had never heard of her.  But the girl must be doing something right, after attracting the attention from the like of Lil Wayne and Drake who had collaborated with her previously.   The title of the single Hotel made me think right away that we may not be dealing the most wholesome of singles.  I was thinking more along the lines of Jodeci in content as opposed to an episode of the Hotel Inspectors.

We review Hotel by Shanell

We review Hotel by Shanell

When you first click on the video, you can tell I was right.  Images of less than fully clothed people don the screen.  Interspersed with snippets of suspicious content.  So is this just a gimmick to grab attention?  Well in all fairness the video might be just that, but to judge Hotel purely on those grounds is unfair.

Shanell delivers a track with some substance.  Her vocal, whilst treated with effects, does stand out and you can tell she can hold a tune.  She sings the verses with real conviction and the chorus strikes of old skool RnB or if my memory serves me correctly new jack swing, as it was once called.

The backing track is simple, yet somehow adds to the whole thing.  The track is short at 2:15, and just as it gets going, it seems to be over.  But in all honesty, any longer and it would be repetitive.  As it is, a good track to listen to.  One you don’t have to think about but puts you in a good place.  Not a classic by any means but worth a listen.

Shanell has something about her, pretty good ability in delivering vocals.  I just think she could stay away from the gimmicks or saucy videos, to help create some credibility.  The female RnB sector needs some credibility.  Somebody out of the mainstream that is more about the music than the dollar.  Shanell could be that person, but she needs to stay true.

Anyway, just our opinion, what do you think of Hotel? Do you think Shanell has the ability to go far?  What do you think of the video?  Let us know by adding a comment below, or by tweeting us @MusicEyz


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