Forever Young by Jahméne Douglas (Review)

Review of Forever Young by Jahméne Douglas

Jahméne Douglas follows the release of his Number 1 debut album Love Never Fails with his single, a beautifully executed version of Forever Young.  Purists of the original version by Bob Dylan of course will detest this with a vengeance, but you’ve got to hand to young Jahméne, when he takes on a song and to coin an all to familiar X Factor phrase he certainly ‘makes it his own’.

Review of Forever Young by Jahméne Douglas

Review of Forever Young by Jahméne Douglas

Songs never should have exclusivity anyway and there have been some phenomenal cover versions over the years. Think Subo‘s Wild Horses and Whitney‘s I Will Always Love You.  Forever Young also has very fitting lyrics for Jahméne. “May you build a ladder to the stars”, who the star goes on to explain …’It’s finding that ladder and finding yourself.

A lot of people start off in life by being lost and that’s not a bad thing, but when you realise who you are, it makes life worthwhile and life’s about learning, keeping that youthful attitude to keep moving forward in growth. Build your foundations in life so that you have a sturdy base to live from.’  What’s also quite astounding with this recording is that Jahméne hadn’t actually heard the original song before.  You would never have guessed it.

Forever Young has also been re-recorded from the album version with producer Rupert Christie, who has previously worked with the likes of Coldplay, Rebecca Ferguson and U2. Up next for Jahméne is the Mobo Awards where is nominated for best newcomer. Only a matter of time when he’ll nominated for best artiste in his own right.

Review by Jacqui Wright


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