My Name is My Name by Pusha T (Album Review)

Review of My Name is My Name the new album by Pusha T

I’m loving hip-hop at the moment. There’s a lot to get excited about. Jay Z  is back with Magna Carta, which I’m still loving. Kendrick Lamar is setting the world on fire with everything he drops. Kanye is going crazy and blowing up at every paparazzi who approaches him. Method Man is dropping tracks with Adam F and Doctor P, invading the “Dubstep” scene. Nicki Minaj is allegedly doing twerking videos. And rumour has it Jeezy is in the studio recording his next album. The scene is full of activity, and there’s plenty to be satisfied with.

Pusha T releases debut album My Name is My Name

Pusha T releases debut album My Name is My Name

Oh, and FINALLY, Pusha T is dropping his debut album! AND IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!

See Push has been around for over a decade. Many of you non-hip-hop-heads are asking, “Who’s Pusha T?” Well remember that first Justin Timberlake single back in 2002, Like I Love You? It was funky as hell, Justin busted out the high voice, and there were two rappers on it, a duo known as “Clipse”. Well Pusha is one half of the Clipse, with his brother, No Malice (formerly known as Malice). The Clipse were amazing. If you want some excellent lyrics, over some amazing Pharrell beats, make sure you go pick up the albums Lord Willin and Hell Hath No Fury.

So Pusha has been going solo for a few years while his brother No Malice has been taking some time off from the game, and Push has done really well for himself. He’s released a few mixtapes (Fear of God 1 & 2, and Wrath of Caine). He signed with Kanye’s GOOD Music label, and last year, GOOD Music released the great compilation album, Cruel Summer. Push featured on two of the album’s biggest tracks, New God Flow and the huge hit, Mercy. His intro on the GOOD Music remix of Chief Keef’s Don’t Like also shouted out professional wrestling legend, Ric Flair. Damn, Push raps and loves pro wrestling. I wanna be best friends with Pusha!

Music Eyz review of Pusha T  debut album My Name is My Name

Music Eyz review of Pusha T debut album My Name is My Name

So what does Pusha’s debut full release (Fear of God 2 was an EP) deliver? The answer, a brilliant album I love. My Name Is My Name is a great album, full of varied sounds, yet a nice thread running throughout. Push has that street feel to his vocals, and you feel his swagger. The beats are often simple yet hypnotic. It has a great feel through the beats, and as well as using some of the biggest producers in the game like Kanye, Pharrell and Swizz Beatz, he also employs the talents of other huge super producers, yet smaller names, like DJ Don Cannon (collaborator with DJ Drama on his Gangsta Grillz mixtape series), No I.D. and 88-Keys.

The album starts out with King Push, a statement of who he is and what he’s about. Numbers On The Board has one of those “Hard yet soft” beats, I can’t describe it. Yeah, I’m a rubbish writer, but hell, I’ll make up for it by giving you the video!

Tracks like 40 Acres featuring The-Dream, Hold On featuring Rick Ross and Let Me Love You featuring Kelly Rowland have a much more upbeat instrumental under the gritty lyrics. And the features don’t stop there, with fellow GOOD Music artists 2 Chainz and Big Sean popping up on Who I Am. But one of my favourite features comes from Ab-Liva on the track Suicide. Lyrics such as these got me really excited:

Nothing but cash here, this sweater is cashmere

The roof is a translucent, it’s nothing but glass there

The car is a concept, what’s next is my last year

My future is bright hot, you never can last here

But if we’re gonna talk about features, then we’ve gotta mention a certain someone who’s been killing 2013. The track Nostalgia featuring man of the minute, Kendrick Lamar continues to showcase Push’s intricate street lyrics. I love the rhyming style, I mean, I haven’t heard anything like it, but it’s infectious. Then Kendrick comes on and kills another verse. The samples of KRS One over the top are brilliant. Check the video:

And yesterday, in-line with the release of the album, Pusha released a new video for his latest track from the album, Sweet Serenade gives a completely different feel. That guy who we should never forgive for what he did to Rihanna, Chris Brown, delivers a fantastic chorus over a very “non-swizz- beatz” Swizz Beats beat! Again, Push’s lyrics shine through and make you feel the track and every word. Check out the video for Sweet Serenade below.

So overall, I love this album. I think Push delivered a fantastic album that was really worth the wait. Pusha has this ability to come over as extremely hard, a tough character. But he does it without raising his voice, rapping angrily yet softly. It’s fantastic. Anyway, I’d recommend checking out My Name Is My Name. And let us know what you think by tweeting @MusicEyz or @phatslates. Or leave a comment below. We wanna know what you think!

Review by Dan Slater

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2 thoughts on “My Name is My Name by Pusha T (Album Review)

  1. As far as I can tell the diversity of production takes us a trip through the past two decades from the prestige of a drug dealer all the way to Hip Hop hustler on the brink of Zeitgeist enlightenment. The production is pretty comprehensive and shows his appreciation of G.O.O.D., the 90′s as well as R&B.

    Its very much a trip through a few decades through the eyes of a drug dealer. And of course, the constant that ties it all together, testosterone fueled, yet some how well collected coke raps something of a signature for the artist.

    Lastly, to me what makes this a truly interesting listen is him drawing parallels from the gang banging lifestyle to being a hip hop mogul. The “Hustle” is still alive and well. One must look no further than SIMPLY the album artwork. The parallel being white albums to white kilos. The bar code indicates, hey this is just another day at work for Pusha T, whether is selling coke or albums, its much the same to him.

  2. Just Damn,

    In a year ladled with many major releases, Pusha T’s, My Name Is My Name some how manages to buck both trends and every other major release, to be become one of best records released this year. In many ways it seems to be Yeezus done right, while the rest reaks of raw undiluted metaphors and lyrical skill. But where Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy Grail failed, My Name Is My Name gets it so right. Pusha T has undoubtedly cemented himself as a true quality driven artist with this LP.

    Every track feels carefully thought out and is mechanically sound, while all featured artists are utilized to their max potential, enhancing both the mood and style of the album. (Especially Kendrick Lamar on Nosetalgia) All of the beats are both creative, while still folding into the album nicely. Particular Standouts include those done by the Neptunes and Good Music.

    Pusha T is quite effective at painting a lifestyle turned bad to an artist hungry to reach the top of the game. While Yeezy, excellent production serves as a suitable backdrop. The different between this and Yeezus, however is that Pusha T, truly retains the lyrical ability to back it up.

    It is difficult not to reap this album enormous praise, when it so perfectly delivers on exactly what was promised.

    The album manages to string together so many elements beloved from Hip-Hop, from minimalist 90’s beat to theatrical good music production, R&B hooks that came out of the 90’s, witty sharp lyricism, as well as an aptitude for clever story telling. And of course, the constant that ties it all together, testosterone fuelled, yet some how well collected coke raps something of a signature for the artist.

    Perhaps the only real “issue” with this LP are the questionable additions of MC; “Big Sean” and “2 Chainz” neither of which can even come close to holding their own lyrically with Pusha. Both of there versus feel unintentionally awkward and funny on and all but introspective and fascinating album.

    Yet, neither of them are truly enough to detract from the album as a whole.

    Surely, a classic in the making.

    A well deserved, 4.5 out of 5.

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