Wanna Go by Maxsta ft Little Nikki (Live Review)

Review of Wanna Go by Maxsta

Controversial Grime artist Maxsta has been out promoting his new single Wanna Go which features artist Little Nikki. He has been on the roads up and down the country doing live PA’s in clubs and I had the pleasure of going to his Newcastle date which was held at one of the most famous hotspots ‘Tup Tup Palace’.

Review of Wanna Go by Maxsta ft Little Nikki

Review of Wanna Go by Maxsta ft Little Nikki

If you follow him on Twitter or have heard his 2010 East London is Back then you’ll know he has a tendency to say what he thinks and means it, not concerning himself with what other artists have to say. It’s fair to say he’s had his fair share of digs against other artists in the music scene and he’s not one to bite his tongue.

I guess this is what makes for good listening, as he is honest and unafraid of the backlash he may receive on putting his music out there. Maxsta has been rising from the Underground scene and after a break he is returning, with plans to be better than ever and making that daring cross over to the mainstream. So if you haven’t heard of him yet there’s no denying you soon will.
I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing him perform live and with the club packed out I was ready for my first encounter. Having heard his song a couple times before, I was unsure of my opinion and thoughts on the track.  The thought of a live performance would definitely give me a concrete answer. There’s no denying he is a talented guy and he knows how to work a crowd. The atmosphere was electric and as soon as the beat kicks in you feel yourself smiling and dancing along. The beats are catchy and his lyrics are fresh, with a feature from Little Nikki adding a little extra spark to the track and the hook is undeniably catchy it certainly had me singing along.
It’s uplifting and although a think it would have been good to have been released in summer, I think he made the right decision doing it now as summer had a lot of amazing tracks and it may have been side looked in favour of other more well known artists. Releasing it and promoting it now is going to work in his favour and the guy deserves a lot of credit for the work he’s put in.
If Wanna Go by Maxsta ft Little Nikki isn’t on your playlist yet, then why not ? it should be. I’m sure it wont be the last time we hear from him.

Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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