Ghosts by Sons & Lovers (Review)

Review of Ghosts by Sons & Lovers

With nearly 70,000 You Tube hits in its first week, Sons & Lovers new song Ghosts is a catchy little number that will have you hitting the replay button over and over again.

The song opens with synth sounds complemented with the lyrics “I heard you sleep talking of great storms, of cold shores and of old scores”. A brilliant patterned transparent opening to this song about old Ghosts that you’ll never be free of.

Review of Ghosts by Sons and Lovers

Review of Ghosts by Sons and Lovers

There is little information about Sons and Lovers, but giving a stunning performance in this new song, it won’t be long before we learn all about them.  Ghosts is a mix of alternative soft rock and mellow dance music. The lead singer gives a clear and captivating vocal, tinged with a slight echo to give the song depth, and together with some very tight harmonies in chorus, the song gravitates towards greatness. There are also hints of a Placebo sound to the song.

With further lyrics such as “the days run like wild over horses over the hills”, “trapped by yesterday”, the songs lyrics give a real insight into the reality of us all facing our own ghosts everywhere we go, making it relatable to each of us. And, whether we are running away from the ghosts at “100 miles an hour” or “100 miles away’, we’ll never be free from them.

The video suits the mood of the song perfectly – scenic cliff tops, storming seas, a montage of faces at end of video, with the sun trying to shine through the darkened sky towards the end of the video, showing hope at the end of the road and light at the end of the tunnel.

Review by Sara Parker


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