Do Something by The Luminites (Review)

Review of Do Something by The Luminites

I can’t lie I was so excited when this dropped in my mail box and I knew I had to take it first. I loved The Luminites from when I first saw them perform on Britain’s Got Talent. As soon as they starting to perform Hurts So Good  they were different, unique and catchy and as each part built up, it built into something spectacular. It was one of those times you see the true meaning of raw talent and what artists have to offer these days. The music scene is so versatile and there’s definitely room for artists like this out there and they have amazing talent.

Review of Do Something by The Luminites

Review of Do Something by The Luminites

When I heard that they are now releasing their first single Do Something I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to press play. The guitar kicks in and Steph‘s voice is beautifully flawless. It’s so nice to hear something different and fresh and the way they blend together works in perfect harmony together.

Throughout Do Something its clear to see that The Luminites have worked on perfecting themselves and crafting their talents. It’s clear that these guys are going to be successful, they have no reason not to be, if they continue staying true to themselves and not cave in to the stereotypical markets that begin to appear.
On listening to Do Something for the first time, I liked it, it was good.  Then the more I listened to it, whilst having it on repeat, it grew on me more and more. Not being something I would usually listen to, doing these reviews I now have a better understanding of the industry and how versatile it is. And I have to say it’s opened my eyes to a lot of incredible artists.
The four of them are so equally talented. Each brings their own unique talent to the group and there’s nothing out there like them at the moment.  The Luminites have picked the perfect track to start their career and if they continue to improve and work hard, there’s no doubt there’s even more greatness to follow.
They definitely deserve the recognition they are undoubtedly doing to receive. No doubt a lot more incredible tracks are to follow along with a much anticipated album and no doubt tour.

Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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