Black Widow by Melanie Pain ft Ed Harcourt (Review)

Review of Melanie Pain feat. Ed Harcourt ‘Black Widow’

Ok – before I review this new track from French singer Melanie Pain (pronounced ‘Pan’) I have an admission to make.

In  2009 she as part of the collective Nouvelle Vague murdered my favourite song of all time – Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division.  This abomination of a track was on a number of ‘chillout’ albums and did the opposite for me- making my blood pressure rise and set my teeth a gnashing!  Just so you realise how bad this track was – Youtube ended up removing all the comments to the video they were that bad! By the way, this same bunch killed off some other great tracks such as This is not a love song.

Review of Black Widow by Melanie Pain ft Ed Harcourt

Review of Black Widow by Melanie Pain ft Ed Harcourt

So, it was with a bit of reluctance that I picked up this single from Melanie and started to listen to it.

Thankfully it is about 1000% better than the Nouvelle Vague effort and was definitely worth listening to. Melanie Pain did this as a piece with Ed Harcourt. She was in Manchester for four weeks to write her new album Bye Bye Manchester when she decided to contact Ed Harcourt on Facebook.  In her own words “I saw him live in Paris a few years before, but was too shy to talk to him then. So I was happily surprised when he replied immediately, telling me to come to his studio in London for a couple of days to have a go at writing music together.”

“We worked non-stop for three days with Ed playing all the instruments. He was literally running from one to the other – a tornado in the studio. The first morning we wrote the music and melody of Black Widow and had lunch at his favourite Italian restaurant next door to write the lyrics. I’m pretty sure the place, the food and the Sicilian wine had to do with the story we wrote: a macabre story of a woman plotting with her lover to assassinate her husband…”

Unlike the muzsak rubbish put forward by Nouvelle Vague Black Widow is more edgy and interesting – with the vocals of Melanie and Ed playing across each other very nicely. Certainly worth a listen.  Black Widow is the first release from what promises to be a good album.

A very nice first release from the album.  A word of advice though Melanie, keep away from  the covers.

Review by Doug Duffin


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