Interview with Jon Rundell International DJ

Interview with international DJ Jon Rundell

Music Eyz: Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us Jon. I know are readers will love reading the interview.

Jon Rundell: Thanks for asking !

Interview with International DJ Jon Rundell

Music Eyz interview with Jon Rundell

Music Eyz: So tell me, what have you been up to this year? How was the summer season?

Jon Rundell: Summer has been great thanks, we did Intec at Space with Ben Sims, Marco Bailey, Pirupa and myself, plus District4 in Zurich during Street Parade with Dubfire, Joseph Capriati and Shaded too. Then there was all the festivals taking in EDC in New York & Vegas, Tomorrowland, Global Gathering, Aquasella and Electrobeach on top of all the clubs around Europe and visits to South America and Japan for the first times.

Music Eyz: Any particular highlights of the summer for you?

Jon Rundell: Intec at Space for sure. It was our first stand alone party there and it was well supported by the people in the island that week, always encouraging for the future. A nice vibe was created to give them a good experience.

Music Eyz: What track or tracks were the stand out floor fillers for you over this summer?

Jon Rundell: Tomy DeClerque’sPush” track that’s out on Intec soon has smashed it every single time I’ve played it. It’s a really good driving piece of techno. Nathan Barato’sBlack Beach” track has also been a stand out one too.

Music Eyz: We got a real feel that the clubs, particularly in Ibiza, had a bit of a better hype about them then in previous summers, do you agree? If so, why do you think that was?

Jon Rundell: There was for sure a lot of hype this year. I think its mainly down to the fact that there seemed to be more new parties on than ever.

Plus when you look at some of the parties that started last year that were growing stronger this year it felt like there was a good buzz on the island for techno music generally.

Music Eyz: So you are hardly ever in one place for any period of time, what challenges does that present?

Jon Rundell: Luckily I ‘m a light traveller and I have certain habits on the road that helps it all along. Even down to the way Ill go through an airport or check out of a hotel. There is always the potential challenge of delayed flights making you miss connections in certain countries, or long immigration cues, but there isn’t much you can do it about it, its out of your hands, you just have to get on the next available flight and do your best to get to the party! Then of course there are the personal challenges on your private life making some things much harder but this is what you do, it’s how you exist, so you just get on with it.

Music Eyz: Where is the best place you have played and what makes it so special?

Jon Rundell: A have a big affinity with Space. For me it’s the best club in the world. It’s like that building is in my veins. It’s the first major club I ever played on the island and I’m very thankful for that opportunity. Other than that some great experiences have been had at Warung in Brazil, when the sun starts rising in front of you its really something incredible that happens.

Then there is the Gashouder too in Amsterdam, a disused gas cylinder that’s now an event space, totally unique and a real sight to see during a party.

Music Eyz: You are playing alongside Carl Cox tonight at Fabric. How did that come about? How well do you know Carl?

Jon Rundell: We did an Intec party at XOYO back in April and it went really well, and as part of the ongoing events we were doing around Pure Intec we asked Fabric if they would be interested to do one to. Luckily they were and here we are. Myself and Carl know each other very well I’d say, there is a bit of a psychic connection when it comes to music with us.

Music Eyz: What can we expect from your set on tonight?

Jon Rundell: I’ll open it up a bit deeper most likely while people are still arriving and then slowly notch things up a bit from time to time within the techno I’ll play to help build a really nice bit of anticipation for Carl to come on and take over.

Music Eyz: Do you have any major gigs you are doing before Christmas or anything you are particularly looking forward to?

Jon Rundell: We have the next Intec event at ADE, with the Awakenings team at The Gashouder. It’s an unbelievable venue and anyone should try and visit it for a party if they can. After that I’m off to Bordeaux, Malta and Madrid amongst others, so looking forward to more European experiences.

Music Eyz: You haven’t always been an international superstar DJ (sorry for all the clichés), how tough was it when you were starting out and what sacrifices did you have to make?

Jon Rundell: No matter what you do in life its always hard starting out, then its even harder to maintain and keep improving. I remember having up to 3 paper rounds to save up for my first decks (some belt driven Stanton’s) and hawking my cassette tape mixes to anyone and everyone who cared to listen. There were less people DJing back then but it was still tough to convince promoters to book a young upstart. I made loads of sacrifices, like only spending my money on music meant that I waited until Christmas every year to get new clothes or whatever really. I didn’t go out much unless it was to party I hoped to play at one day and I never had enough cash on me to buy drinks particularly. Years later when I decided to quit the job and go full time into DJing and producing that same set of circumstances remained and I think it helped me take nothing for granted, which can only be a good thing.

Music Eyz: Who has been the biggest influence for you to date?

Jon Rundell: Terminator X from Public Enemy was the DJ I first saw play records on the television at home, it kick started my obsession with DJing.

After that obviously Carl when I got to see him play was always inspiring (and still is), and luckily has helped to shape the way I approach music.


Music Eyz: Anything you want to say to your fans before we sign off?

Jon Rundell: See you at Fabric ! And if you cant make it then see you somewhere soon. Thanks for the support and keep doing what you love.

Music Eyz: Many thanks for your time Jon and best of luck for the gig at Fabric tonight. Try not to outshine Mr Carl Cox too much 🙂


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