Interview with Dr Meaker’s Clive Meaker

Interview with Dr Meaker’s Clive Meaker

It is an honour and privilege, that today we get the chance to speak to Clive Meaker the man responsible for Dr MeakerDr Meaker appear on the bill of Friday’s Soundcrash event, which you can get to by entering our competition.  Anyway, Clive took time out from his holiday to speak to us, so show the man some love and read what he has to say.
Interview with Clive Meaker from Dr Meaker

Clive from Dr Meaker talks to Music Eyz

Music Eyz:  Firstly Clive, thanks for taking the time out to speak to us, we know you are stupid busy at the mo.
Music Eyz: You and Dr Meaker originate from Bristol, the home of some great unique urban sounds.  What is it in the water down there that makes the city so ripe for urban talent?
Clive Meaker:  It’s a combination of a great heritage of music that inspires so many to keep making new music and takes things to a new audience across the world.  And a history of bass led music from the Afro-Carribean community and a willingness to collaborate between the different cultures and people of Bristol.  Strong foundations mixed with a free, easy going and creative atmosphere which seems to set light to magic.
Music Eyz: When I grew up in Bristol it was all about the likes of Massive Attack, Roni Size and Portishead.  Who is it in the city that influenced you most?
Clive Meaker:  All of those artists you mentioned have massively inspired me and were a firm feature on the car stereo when exploring music.  Also Smith & Mighty, KosheenMassive Attack have been my main inspiration without a doubt. The idea of collaboration and the mixing of musical styles.
Music Eyz: Before going on to speak about you, who should we be looking out for from Bristol at the moment?
Clive Meaker:  Laid Blak, Lady Nade, Typesun, Caarasel MC, DJ Dazee.
Laid Blak one to watch according to Dr Meaker

Laid Blak one to watch according to Dr Meaker

Music Eyz: OK, so you have been getting massive airplay and support from the likes of Zane Lowe and MistaJam, how did you get the support from those guys?
Clive Meaker:  We have building up our relationship and gaining support across 1xtra / Radio 1 for a while and just keep sending them our music, sometimes ourselves and sometimes, when releasing records through a record label, through a radio plugger.
Music Eyz: How would you describe your sound?
Clive Meaker:  Dirt and Soul.
Music Eyz: So you are playing as part of the Soundcrash gig in London on Friday, what can the crowd expect from you?
Clive Meaker:  A totally hyper performance with energy levels off the scale.
Music Eyz: Its a bit different from playing Glastonbury though, how doe they compare?
Clive Meaker:  I will tell you after the gig!  Every gig is different and you can neve tell how the vibe will be.  Each crowd and space has it’s own vibe.  But we always give it everything we have and have never not had the floor rocking.  I’m sure it will go off!
Music Eyz: Do you prefer the big events and venues or the smaller intimate audiences?
Clive Meaker:  I love both for different reasons.  Its amazing at festivals when 1000’a of people are all bouncing together and you see thousands of hands in the air.  But it is equally as good when you get that close up feeling of a club where everyone is up close and personal sweating it out together as one.  That can get really intense which I love too.
Music Eyz: Obviously you are on the road pretty much constantly, what are the biggest sacrifices you have had to make?
Clive Meaker:  Sleep, sanity and socialising.
Music Eyz: What can we expect from Dr Meaker in the future? More gigs? Tours? New recordings?
Clive Meaker:  Yes all the above,  We aim to keep stepping it up year on year until the world is rocking with us.
Music Eyz: If you could collaborate with anybody, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Clive MeakerIt would be incredible to have collaborated with Randy Crawford.  She has such an amazing tone and I love the way she adlibs her vocals.  Also Liam Howlett as he is my favourite producer since day one.
Music Eyz: OK, quickfire round
Music Eyz: Rovers or City?
Clive Meaker: Neither.
Music Eyz: Bristol or London?
Clive Meaker: Bristol then London then Bristol etc
Music Eyz: Sweet or savoury?
Clive Meaker: Sweet
Music Eyz: Horror or comedy?
Clive Meaker: Comedy
Music Eyz: Night out or night in?
Clive Meaker: Night in
Music Eyz: Beer or wine?
Clive Meaker: Beer (but prefer spirits)
Music Eyz: Dance or Hip Hop?
Clive Meaker: Dance
Music Eyz: On the slopes or sat on the beach?
Clive Meaker: ooh tuff one… Cant decide.
Music Eyz: What is your favourite music website? 😉
Clive Meaker:  Music Eyz at the moment.
And finally
Music Eyz: What tips would you give to somebody hoping to break in to music?
Clive Meaker:  Work hard.  Hope you have some amount of natural talent. Confidence and personality.
Music Eyz: What should people look out for if they start their journey?
Clive Meaker:  Work out what they are really good at and specialise to build your name as a pro in that field, then explore.
Music Eyz: Where can we expect to see Clive in five years time?
Clive Meaker:  Doing the same thing but on a larger scale.
Music Eyz: Any messages you want to leave for our readers?
Clive Meaker: If you do one thing this year, come see us live!
Music Eyz: Once again Clive, many thanks for your time and we hope it all goes well on Friday.
Clive Meaker: Thanks!

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