My Life in Music – Woodrow Gerber

My Life in Music – Woodrow Gerber

In the latest in our series ‘My Life In Music’ we ask US singing sensation Woodrow Gerber to share his life in music.  Woodrow himself is in the studio at the moment, so no doubt we will hear more from him, but in the meantime, lets see his picks.

Woodrow Gerber - My Life in Music

Woodrow Gerber – My Life in Music

Woodrow Gerber was born on 8th February 1982, as he is from the US, we thought we would give him the special treatment.  As you all know we name the number one song on the day our stars were born on.  With Woodrow, we will give the UK and the US number one.

Number One on the day I was born (UK)

The Model /Computer Love by Kraftwerk

Number One on the day I was born (USA)

Centerfold by J. Geils Band

Favourite ever song

Mad World (Gary Jules version)
I feel like this is the song that provides majority of the soundtrack to my life. I’ve never heard a song that hijacks my mind whenever I hear it like this one does. Amazing lyrics, but the way Gary Jules sings it is so incredibly… real.

Song that is guaranteed to make you dance

Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger

Harvey Danger

Harvey Danger

This song is guaranteed to make me dance like an idiot. Not cool dancing with a purpose or pattern, but flailing arms and legs… kind of like when Muppets dance. This band nails that right emotion and translates it through the music perfectly. What a weird song.
Song to mark your teenage years
Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Something about the intro to this song right before the beat drops, the big buildup Dave Grohl does mixed with Kirk Cobain‘s guitar, I would stop whatever I was doing to hear this song. Had no idea what Kirk was saying, but you could tell it meant something…. something about a mosquito. I also remember seeing the album cover at my friends house and asking him why there was a naked baby in a pool… swimming after money. I also liked the Weird Al version slightly more than the original lol.

Best song to workout to
Papercut by Linkin Park
Paper Cut by Linkin Park

Paper Cut by Linkin Park

Doesn’t matter how long I’ve been running or lifting, once that song kicks in I get unlimited energy for the rest of the workout lol. Something really underdog about it. Makes me feel like warrior fighting in battle… despite being on an elliptical next to some overly sweaty man.
FavoriteTV theme tune
Theme song to the TV series The Flash by Danny Elfman
I was REALLY little, but that song jacked me up. I recorded it off the TV and would play it while playing with my Flash action figure. Absolutely loved that song. Wasn’t until about 5 years ago I discovered it was Danny Elfman‘s work, who happens to be my favorite composer. He also did the Simpson‘s lol.

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