World on Fire by Golden State (Review)

Review of World on Fire by Golden State

Hailing from the sun soaked state of California, this atmospheric four piece are here to breathe a new ray of life in to the world of music with their latest single World On Fire. Yes, Golden State are back to follow up the success of their EP Subdivision with even more powerful music. Having already captured the love of their US listeners with a well received debut album and tour, Golden State are ready to cross the pond and give the UK a try.

Review of World on Fire by Golden State

Review of World on Fire by Golden State

World On Fire is one of those songs that grips you from the very first note. Slow building and calm at the intro, you are quickly rushed in to a track that surrounds you completely, as though you’re standing in a stadium with thousands of other people having this  powerhouse of a band blow you away.

There’s something very U2 about this track, very stadium rock as it announces it’s own greatness with piercing guitar riffs and ear pleasing vocals. The choruses are catchy, making it a sure thing that you fall for this song hook, line and sinker. It’s three minutes and twenty-six seconds of uplifting glory, a holiday almost for the ears and mind as the whole vibe of the track immerses you.

World On Fire is a definite ‘lose yourself’ track, and with one click of that play button – lose yourself you will.

Even with names and faces you might recall (with members of Paloalto and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) Golden State look set to bring to the UK something new yet oddly familiar – and we can’t wait.

World On Fire is out 30th September 2013 through State Champ Records.

Review by Hev Bailey


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