Ketevan by Katie Melua (Album Review)

Review of Ketevan the new album by Katie Melua

When the album was sent to me and I glanced at the title, I thought one of the chaps I work with Ketan was being honoured by Katie Melua.  As it happens, I wasn’t right, which became obvious when I bothered to read the title, however, I was closer to the crux of the title than I thought.  Interesting fact, Ketevan is in fact Katie Melua‘s Georgian birth name.  Anyway, moving on to the music.

Review of Ketevan by Katie Melua

Review of Ketevan by Katie Melua

Now Katie Melua was once one of the critics favourites, her radio friendly, emotional music, with haunting vocals and well composed music.  On the first play of the album the same is still true.  Ketevan is Katie‘s sixth studio album in ten years.  To keep the personal touch of Ketevan going, Katie is releasing the album on Monday (16th September), her 29th birthday.

Katie is joined once again by long-time collaborator, Mike Batt.  Before you get your hands on the album, you may recognise one of the tracks.  I Will Be There was created by royal command, after Mike Batt was commissioned to write a song for Katie to perform at the Queen’s 60th Anniversary Jubilee.

Many critics are now slamming Katie for the honest, stripped back vocals and music that they once praised her for.  However, it is this honest, personal and passionate delivery and emotional lyrics that set Ketevan aside from the masses of EDM out there at the moment.  We know this album won’t break any records in terms of sales, however it is a quality recording.  The style bounces from middle of the road, to roots and blues through to retro jazz.

Ketevan showcases Katie Melua‘s voice and her songwriting abilities.  Sadly the album isn’t full of classics from start to finish, however, there are a number of tracks on there that you will want on your iPod.  Her voice is incredible and her style unique.  If you want something to kick back and relax to, look no further than Katie Melua‘s Ketevan.

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