My Life in Music – Adele Silva

My Life in Music – Adele Silva

Most of you will recognise Adele Silva.  Adele is an actress of TV, film and theatre, probably best known for her role as Kelly Windsor in ITV soap Emmerdale.  Adele is currently starring in the one woman show 51 Shades of Maggie a theatre spoof of hit novel 50 Shades of GreyAdele has taken time out of her manic schedule to become the latest celebrity to share her life in music.
My Life in Music Adele Silva

My Life in Music Adele Silva

Number one on the day Adele was born
Tide is High by Blondie
Song that reminds me of childhood
BlondieMaria – I remember rocking out in my bedroom to this and singing into the hairbrush on many occasions. Funny as Blondie ‘Tide is High’ was No1 when I was born.
Maria by Blondie reminds Adele Silva of her childhood

Maria by Blondie reminds Adele Silva of her childhood

My Favourite TV theme tune
The Hills – Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. I actually reinacted this driving down the PCH in California with the roof down & playing this song!
First song I bought
I can’t actually remember buying it, but in my possession was a record – Russ Abbot singing ‘Agadoo’ !!!!!
Song to make me cry
Des’ree ‘I’m Kissing You’ – Always use that when preparing for emotional scenes.
Song to make me dance
Anything Michael Jackson – I love ‘Man in the ‘Mirror’ or ‘Jam’.
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Song for teenage years
Bel Biv DaVoe‘Poison’. I love this song – I actually feel quick cool for saying this! But I loved this song and if whenever I hear it I go back to my teen years. Love having a car concert in my car to all the old school tunes. Ed – Great track, who knew Adele was a Hip Hop queen.
Favourite Ever Song
How to Save a Life The Fray – I heard this song years ago and it immediately makes me visualise a scene and the words had real meaning. It also features in Greys Anatomy which is one of my fave shows.
Best song to workout to
‘Titanium’ David Guetta & Sia – I put this on towards the end of my run when I want to run that extra mile. I love it. I actually really like the slowed down Jahmene Douglas version too.
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One thought on “My Life in Music – Adele Silva

  1. OMFG Adele is sooooooooo fit!!!!! Luved her in Emmerdale so sexy Cant believe she old enuff for blondie to be no.1 on her birthday. looks 25 max

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