Deacon Blue Gig, Cardiff (Gig Review)

Deacon Blue – St Davids Hall Cardiff 12 September 2013

It’s a strange thing, the summer lull of gigs. Unless you go to festivals, the only decent live music you seem to get is on the TV of the festivals, but last night that lull for me, was over.

Seeing Deacon Blue in Cardiff at St Davids Hall was a complete joy for me having been a fan since the 80s when they were massive. It might be 25 years but the sound of Ricky Ross’s voice hasn’t diminished one bit. SDH is quite a quality music venue. The Welsh Proms are held there. It might not be up there with the Royal Albert Hall, but in terms of politeness at a gig, you won’t get much better – although for a gig, you do expect to dance/stand, and it wasn’t until about 4 songs in that the audience on mass decided to “shake their booty” to some of the best anthems to come out of Glasgow.

Review of Deacon Blue Gig in Cardiff

Review of Deacon Blue Gig in Cardiff

The age of the audience, was fairly middle aged, but there were quite a few new faces – including a guy called Connor, who at the end of the gig, when everyone was starting to leave, that Ricky decided another song was needed. Normally in a theatre you expect “is there a doctor in the house”, instead we had “Can anyone play guitar”. Step forward Connor and joined on stage acoustically by the rest of Deacon Blue for Wages Day.

Stand out moments from the night include Real Gone Kid, The Hipsters, I’ll Never Fall in Love Again and without doubt one of the finest choral pieces sung at SDH, Dignity.

Looking back on the night, they still managed to miss some proper classic Deacon Blue moments like Chocolate Girl, and When will you Make my Phone Ring – can’t be helped I suppose. Special mention to the support act The Hazey Janes – nice tight sound that put them on the right track to be bigger than they presently are.

In their heyday they would’ve been playing the Motorpoint Arena just across the way, but nothing was diminished in the fact they played a smaller venue. Those heydays might have moved on in that the way music has, but nothing can take away the fact that on their night, Deacon Blue are still one of the best live bands I’ve seen.


Laura From Memory

Bound To Love

The Rest

Your Swaying Arms


The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail

Love’s Great Fears

The Outsiders

Your Town

Real Gone Kid



Spencer Tracy

The Wildness

Here I Am In London Town

The Hipsters


Fergus Sings The Blues

That’s What We Can Do

I’ll Never Fall In Love Again


Golden Slumber/Carry That Weight/The End

Twist and Shout

Wages Day

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Review by Patrick Downes


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