Earthquake by DJ Fresh VS Diplo ft Dominique Young Unique (Review)

Review of Earthquake by DJ Fresh VS Diplo ft Dominique Young Unique

We loved the last album by DJ Fresh and you know what, Earthquake just delivers on that reputation.  With the boys expert production skills in action throughout, Earthquake captivates the listener from the opening bar to the end, the point you wish would never come.

Review of Earthquake by DJ Fresh

Review of Earthquake by DJ Fresh

“My Flow Drop like an Earthquake, I make that ass shake” is how the track opens off the back off deafening, dirty beats.  You know what is about to happen, a track that will get you banging your head so hard, you are in danger of breaking your neck.  Then the even more ear splitting hook comes in and accompanies the chorus.

The track is genuinely made the loud and dirty urban sounds accompanied by some delicate touches such as 90s style computer game sounds.  The movie style soundtrack elements lift Earthquake as well to the epic it is.  On top of all this the delivery of the lyrics from Dominique Young Unique are really well performed and complete the package.  This is huge.  DJ Fresh has done it again and he deserves all the praise that comes his way.

So if your ears have survived being blown away by the noise through your headphones or your speakers have survived the heavy bass, check out the video.  Produced as if it was a movie, the scenes are brilliantly compiled, with high budget effects, including cars flying through the air and crappy super heroes.  Is this a coincidence then that the Earthquake is on the soundtrack to Kick Ass 2?

What do you think of Earthquake by Brit DJ Fresh? Do you like the video? Let us know your views by adding a comment below, tweeting us @MusicEyz or sticking a view on the Music Eyz Facebook page.


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