Berzerk by Eminem (Review) + Official Video

Review of Berzerk by Eminem and The Official Video

Crtiics and Hip Hop fans alike had been debating for a while whether Marshall Mathers aka Eminem had lost his touch.  The last couple of albums didn’t really blow anybody away like his early stuff.  They weren’t laced full of hits, hardcore tracks laced with tongue in cheek tracks to make memorable listening.  So the pressure was on Eminem to deliver, right? Not an ounce of it.

Eminem releases Berzerk to Hip Hop fans as an intro to his forthcoming album, Marshall Mathers 2, set for a November release.  Whilst some of the lyrics harp back to his funnier tracks, the most striking difference to Berzerk is the style.  The track really goes back to old skool Hip Hop, for this I am VERY grateful.  The team here at Music Eyz are in the main huge Hip Hop fans, but we have been struggling with some modern rap, just not measuring up.

Review of Berzerk by Eminem

Review of Berzerk by Eminem

The opening to the track really reminds me of an old Beastie Boys track, with Marshall losing some of his usual flow to really reflect the feel of the time.  Basic beats backed up by guitars and old “kick it” snippets and genuine audio references to Beasties.  Lyrical references to Public Enemy also builds up the link to the golden age of Hip Hop.  Eminem raps “Let’s take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratch,”

Throughout Berzerk the simplicity of the hip hop drums and stripped back lyrics from Eminem work incredibly well.  The chorus is more in tune to what we all expect from him, some sung rap in his own style.  For me the great scratch DJing adds to the overall flow.  To call this a replica of old skool, would be completely unfair.  Em does the full references to great effect and proves he is back.

As a small bonus, we also have the official video that was released only a matter of a few hours ago.  If the audio wasn’t enough, the beatbox (a symbol in Hip Hop culture) makes a return.  The mixtape gets put in and this kicks Eminem off.  Trademark white T-shirts break to a multitude of scenes, but all linking back to the base beatbox image.

Detroit rapper Eminem also shows his allegiance, by donning a vintage Pistons top.  He also calls in the likes of Rick Rubin, Kendrick Lamar and Kid Rock to join the action.

The audio, the lyrics and the video all just work. Eminem is back and he has delivered a real heavy track in Berzerk, take a listen and watch the video.  Let us know if you share our views on the track, or are we way off.  Either tweet @MusicEyz or add your comments below.

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