Lonely Girl by Tonight Alive (Review)

Review of Lonely Girl by Tonight Alive

Aussie based five piece Tonight Alive have spent the last five years building up a strong fan base, touring the world and releasing quality rock music. 2013 looks to be more of the same for these refreshing rockers, with their forthcoming album The Other Side, out 9th September 2013, and plans to return to the UK for a full tour.

Their latest video for the track Lonely Girl hit the web on August 15 racked up over 50 thousand hits as well as a whole stack of rave comments from their dedicated fans.

Lonely Girl by Tonight Alive

Lonely Girl by Tonight Alive

The track itself is a perfect representation of everything that’s right about rock bands today. Big drums, driving guitars and building choruses, the song rips through the speakers at impressive speeds – coupled with the technically faultless vocals of the talented Jenna McDougall. Boasting riffs similar to the likes of A Day To Remember and a break down reminiscent of POD, the track is very current yet fresh – something which can be hard to pull off in this genre.

The video for Lonely Girl is to be expected for a rock band of today, an outside band performance running alongside the story of a young character having some life trouble. It works perfectly with the music and helps to feature the band in exactly the right way – keeping them as visually current as their music. Singer Jenna has attitude (rather similar to Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt days) and fronts the band well, packing just as much punch as the music promises.

So, rock fans, it looks as though 2013 is the year to keep you eyes pealed for Tonight Alive. They promise greatness, so lets see if they can deliver.

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Review by Hev Bailey


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