Response to That Kendrick Verse

Response To That Kendrick Verse

You may remember last week, we gave our view on the Kendrick verse that stirred up some controversy, with Kendrick Lamar naming himself the king of New York.  Well we don’t normally go for posting videos or soundfiles in our main pages here at Music Eyz, we normally leave that for the lazy blogs and music sites, however we make an exception.

Kendrick Lamar Verse

Kendrick Lamar Verse

The team at DAM, have compiled a mixtape/collection of as many responses to Kendrick‘s verse as they could find and it looks pretty comprehensive.  The tape includes the likes of Papoose, Joe Budden and Lupe Fiasco.

Let us know your views.  What is your favourite response? Do you think Kendrick Lamar is the “King of New York”?  Add your comments below or tweet us @MusicEyz


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