Think About You by Nathan Retro ft Charlie Brown

Review of Nathan Retro Ft Charlie Brown – Think About You


The second I pressed play on Think About You I had a great feeling about this song. It was energetic, upbeat and had a general great vibe about it. The vocals were on point from start to end and it was definitely a great collaboration. The reason I had a great feeling about this song was the vibe I got from the first couple of seconds in.  Whenever I listen to music or even watch a movie if I’m not feeling the first couple minutes I’m more than likely going to dislike the rest so I never continue to the end. This song however, was different.
Nathan Retro Think About You

Nathan Retro Think About You

It was edgy and the mix of beats and vocals made for a great sounding song. And even though I’m not a great fan of dance music as such, as I think it all sounds the same, this was a great spin on a dance song. I would definitely have this on my “getting ready to go out playlist” or full volume in a club on holiday or on a beach. It gave me such a great buzz even though the song was about thinking and missing someone they once had it still had the power to uplift me.
The video, for a dance song, was entertaining and it went perfectly with the sound of the song with the holiday vibes, I can’t lie it made me want to go out and party.
The vocals through out the track were good to and it made a huge difference to me to hear a song that was so upbeat but the vocals weren’t lost in it. In fact they made the song what it was and I couldn’t have imagined it as just a beat with no words.
I’d never heard anything from Nathan Retro before but it was a great listen and I really enjoyed it. I’d certainly recommend this for the next night out…
Review by Natalie Yildiz

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