Introducing Madina Lake

Introducing Madina Lake

In 2005 on a twin special of the popular US show Fear Factor, Chicago based twin brothers Matthew and Nathan Leone battled it out against other contestants, enduring gruesome tasks to win the prize of $50,000. They had recently formed a band with friends Mateo Camargo and Dan Torelli, and used the money to fund their new band’s first EP – The Disappearance of Adalia, which released August 2006. Signing with Roadrunner Records the same year, the band released their first album From Them,Through Us, To You early 2007. The singles which followed (House of Cards, Here I Stand, One Last Kiss and Pandora) helped the band to build themselves a strong and dedicated fan base here in the UK, as well as tagging along on tour with the likes of Paramore and taking part in legendary UK rock show Give It A Name.

Introducing Madina Lake

Introducing Madina Lake

From the beginning, Madina Lake has been about telling a story and creating a community. With each single, EP and album the story of a missing girl in a strange town has been unfolding. Fans have been collecting these clues and following the story closely for years – whilst bonding as a community known as The River People.

This story came to a completion last year with the release of the book Lila, The Devine Game, written by Matthew, and the band’s last album World War III. In the 8 years Madina Lake have been a band, they have taken on the world, been through hell and back and done it all with humour, heroics and fighting spirit. In 2010, bassist Matthew was brutally attacked as he tried to stop a man abusing his wife. Matthew was hospitalised for some time with horrific injuries and narrowly escaped death, but thankfully pulled through with the support and dedication of the Madina Lake family. This incident inspired several tracks of the band’s last album, such as Howdy Neighbour and We Got This, and saw Matthew win the Hero of the Year award from Kerrang magazine.

This September, Madina Lake embark on their final UK tour. The tour is a monstrous 27 dates, hitting every UK city that has ever welcomed these boys with open arms. Fans are set to flock to these shows to bid what will no doubt me an emotional farewell to Madina Lake, reliving for one last time the world they created with their music and their unique attitudes to its making.

Though it may be hard to say goodbye, Madina Lake leave us not only with heavy hearts, but also the knowledge that when one story ends, another begins.

You can check out Madina Lake and see the full tour list on the official Madina Lake Facebook page.

By Hev Bailey


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