The Wire by Haim (Review)

Review of The Wire by Haim

Opening with quick, scene-setting electric guitar riffs and Este’s superb vocals, immediately you get a sense of the song with lyrics getting straight to the point – “you know I’m bad at communication, it’s the hardest thing I can do”.  The Wire is a song about making that split in a relationship, and being practical about it.

This song is unmistakably Haim.  The girls are back- not that they ever went away, but fans of the trio were desperate for new music from the Californian sisters.  With their debut album Days Are Gone just around the corner, the first offering gives us a sense of what’s in store.

The Wire by Haim Music Eyz review

Review of the new single The Wire by Haim

The Wire gives us the whole Haim package – quirky upbeat sounds, electronica notes, screeching electric guitar riffs with lead singer Este’s unique vocal style combined with Alana’s and Danielle’s backing vocals bringing that tight sisterly sound together.  In fact, all sisters sing during the verses on this track.  An added bonus for Haim fans.

Those delightful harmonies come into full force just after the bridge when all girls sing together, reinforcing the message in the song –“always keep your heart locked tight, don’t let your mind read that, but I fumbled and when it came down to the wire, it felt right”.

‘Smashing’ beats, and Haim harmonies aplenty, The Wire includes the song formula that makes Haim’s songs so unique, catchy and memorable, leaving fans delighted by this new track.  Which makes the anticipation for the new album even more tense.

Watch the hilarious video for The Wire here.

The Wire is taken from Haim’s new album Days Are Gone which is out 30th September, 2013.

Review by Sara Parker

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