It’s My Party by Jessie J (Review)

Review of It’s My Party by Jessie J

For years now Jessie J has been entertaining us with her floor filling songs and infamous can-do, screw-you attitude. One of the few truly positive role models in the music industry today, we’ve been entranced with this talented lady since she burst in to our world back in late 2010 with her first single Do It Like A Dude.

Her latest single It’s My Party is everything we have come to expect from Jessie J. With her powerful vocals and incredible feel good vibes, this is definitely another shot of greatness from the London born singer.

Review of Its My Party by Jessie J

Review of Its My Party by Jessie J

The tack itself is fun and lively, beats jagged and popping, wrapping around your head until you’re bopping along and singing that cleverly catchy chorus “It’s my party and I’ll do what I want. I’ll do – do what I want!” We’ve come to know and love Jessie for her self affirming tracks, encouraging us all, especially women, to be who we are, not to bend to pressure and to live the way that best suits us. This latest single is another perfect example of that.

Combining positive messages with the freshest party beats has become a trademark for Jessie J, and It’s My Party does not disappoint. So, it may be Jessie’s party, but once again we are all more than willing to dance along with her.

It’s My Party is available 16th September.

Review by Hev Bailey


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