Wise Girl by Wise Girl (EP Review)

Review of Wise Girl EP by Wise Girl

You know what the music world has been missing lately? A female fronted punkrock band whose tracks pack oomph as well as melodic and technical credibility.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Wise Girl. Hailing from New York, a Mecca of punk-rock, this misfit three piece have recently released their self titled EP and are ready to take the world by storm this September with their debut album You’ll Just Have to Wait. Already having a stack of rave reviews in their arsenal (as well as appearances at Van’s Warped Tour and Playboy Radio); it’s easy to see why everyone is getting so excited over this band.

Review of self-titled Wise Girl EP

Review of self-titled Wise Girl EP

From the first click of the play button of the Wise Girl EP, the speakers pop with the guitar bouncing intro of track one – Set in Stone. It’s this intro, complete with steady hi-hat taps and rolling drums, that carries us to the ear pleasing treat of Abby Weitz’s vocals. Two parts genuine melodic talent and one part HELL YEAH, the vocals compliment the music with beautiful simplicity, wrapping this and all other tracks in to the perfect little punk-rock package.

Track two’s intro, Wishful Thinking, brings an element so wonderfully reminiscent of legendary punk band Misfits that your love for this band will anchor itself in to your heart and ears – just like it did with this reviewer. This is one of those songs you just have to turn up, all the way up, while you dust the living room, wash the car or Hoover the cat. You can sway, you can sing, and you can even shake your tail feather. Whatever mood has taken you, this noisy yet calm little number is sure to fit it.

Roles Are Reversed is a delightful little surprise in the third and final track of this soul satisfying EP, springing up in its entire toe tapping, head bopping glory. It’s a little bit 90’s and even strangely a little bit country – but if you think either of those qualities are bad in a punk-rock band of today then you seriously need to re-evaluate your life choices.

To put it simply, this is the best new band of the year – like striking gold when you’ve spent months shuffling around lumps of coal. Wise Girl rock, they roll, and they have made themselves one hell of a strong base on which they can build their (without a doubt) long and successful career. Want to hear more? Well, You’ll Just Have To Wait until September.

The album You’ll Just Have to Wait is out 10th September. You can find Wise Girl on  Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud with /WiseGirlMusic.

Review by Hev Bailey


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