From This Valley by Civil Wars (Review)

Review of Civil Wars – From This Valley

The Civil Wars are a duo that met in Nashville during a song-writing session back in 2008.  Having won various awards in the Americana/Country genre, The Civil Wars have released yet another memorable single.

From This Valley song starts with an upbeat catchy chord melody, instantly portraying the country vibe, with fiddles aplenty.

Civil Wars From This Valley

Civil Wars From This Valley

In come the vocals, which are superb individually and together the harmony is excellent.  Although the emotion in both voices portrays sadness, this is juxtaposed with the upbeat music.

The song is full of longing metaphors – the title being a metaphor in itself – such as the “desert dreams of rivers, a love that will run down to the sea” and “like my heart longs for an ocean, to wash down over me”. This really brings home the meaning of the song.

The bridge brings acapella to this Civil Wars’ track – a beautiful combination of notes and harmonies. Almost holy sounding when they sing “like a voice longs for a melody, why wont Jesus carry me”.  No need for instruments to give meaning to the message in this song, which is to reveal how much the protagonist is longing for the “One I Love”.

Altogether a song that will leave you with serious earworm and one that has many layers, so you won’t tire of it, initially.

This song comes from the The Civil Wars new album, which will be released on 6 August 2013, via Columbia Records.

Check out what Civil Wars listed as the Top 5 on their iPod last year.

Review by Sara Parker


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