Temptation by New Order – Live at Bestival (Review)

Review of New Order – Temptation (Live At Bestival 2012)

Temptation was originally released as a single in 1982 and subsequently re-recorded and re-released in 1987 on the singles compilation Substance and is one of New Order’s most popular live tracks, one which they have performed live more than any other song.

Although lyrically New Order have always retained a slightly darker edge their music is often a showpiece of triumph and euphoria, a song based around the emotion of a long lost love Temptation combines a sense of melancholy with that of everlasting unrequited hope.

Temptation by New Order

Temptation by New Order

With the more recently recorded version being over 25 years old this song is perhaps best experienced in the live arena where it still sounds fresh and imaginative today as it did all those years ago. Present are the instantly recognisable tones of Barney Sumner who may not have the greatest voice in music but always manages to create a mood and evoke a feeling synonymous with the lyrical content. With its heavy reliance on the keyboards Temptation is truly a dance record hence it’s popularity on the live circuit, time has not been its enemy and as this performance from Bestival 2012 shows it still has the ability to move the masses. This song just seems to forever sparkle with life, with it’s powerful bombastic drums combined with a super-catchy synth hook and beautifully accompanied by its simple yet effective guitars hanging underneath, Temptation shows a band who totally understand and embrace the art of song writing.

Perhaps overshadowed by the monster hit that is Blue Monday few can argue that Temptation is one of the best pop songs to have come out of the 80’s, Temptation shows perfectly New Order’s ability to create energy, to capture magic in a moment that you can revisit over and over again with every listen.

This particular version is taken from the new Live at Bestival 2012 charity cd which is being released in aid of the Isle of Wight Youth Trust on Sunday Best Recordings, the set list itself is something which some bands can only dream of, a collection of some of the finest examples of song writing in music it’s a fantastic gift from New Order and a fitting tribute to their ability to write an infectious, timeless collection of songs.

Review by Will Campbell


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