Calling Time by Basshunter (Album Review)

Album Review: Calling Time by Basshunter

In the summer of 2008 a Swedish singer-songwriter, producer and DJ exploded on to the UK music scene. The album Now You’re Gone – The Album (featuring the hit single Now You’re Gone) took the charts by storm, claiming the number one spot and remaining there for several weeks. It was then that Basshunter established himself as the creator of the perfect summer soundtrack with his scorching singles and equally sizzling music videos.

Review of Calling Time by Basshunter

Review of Calling Time by Basshunter

Fast forward to 2013 and Jonas Erik Altberg (the face behind Basshunter) is up to his old tricks again. The former Celebrity Big Brother housemate released his latest album Calling Time on the 23rd July in the US and Great Britain, and just as we expected from this multitalented Swede  – it’s jam packed with summer tunes. The long awaited follow up album to the 2009 release of Bass Generation includes some of Basshunter’s previously released and most popular hits (Northern Light, Dream On The Dance Floor, Saturday, Calling Time, You’re Not Alone and Faraway).

Kicking off with the bouncing Saturday, a high energy anthem of the weekend, it’s the first taste of what promises to be a blood pumping, floor filling album. Dream On The Dance Floor and Crash & Burn follow in a similar club land style, before things slip seamlessly in what seems to be the love and romance section of the album. Tracks like Calling Time, You’re Not Alone and I’ve Got You Now show the good and bad times of relationships while still giving us that unmistakable party vibe we have come to know and love from Basshunter. The 18 track album also includes 3 remixes of the popular hits Northern Light, Dream On The Dance Floor and Faraway, each equally as ear pleasing as their original.

There’s no need to hunt for the bass in this album as each and every track promises to have your speakers pounding with 18 floor filling, heart pumping party anthems – sure to have you yearning for a hot beach or a cool foam party. So whether you’re invading the dance floors of Ayia Napa or perfecting your driver’s tan with the windows low and the stereo high, Basshunter has once again pulled off producing some of this year’s most epic summer jams.

Calling Time is currently available on iTunes and Spotify.

Review by Hev Bailey


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