Why Vinyl Still Isn’t Dead

Why Vinyl Still Isn’t Dead

The general perception of the music industry, in terms of how fans access music, is that things are always moving forward. From records to CDs, from CDs to MP3s, and from MP3s to apps like Spotify. We can access music more quickly, store it in greater volume, and listen with greater convenience. However, there is also an interesting argument to be made that vinyl records are actually far from dead.

Of course, we all know that the occasional music junkie has always enjoyed collecting vinyl. But we’re no longer talking about collections, vintage sounds, and value records from old music groups. Rather, there actually seems to be a growing preference among true music fans to purchase vinyl copies of brand new records from current bands!

The simplest explanation for why someone would purchase new vinyl in today’s music world comes down to the quality of the experience. There are those of us who simply want music as a distraction while working out, or as background entertainment while driving. But for those who truly want to enjoy and appreciate music, vinyl offers the full experience in a way that no other form can. From possessing the jacket sleeve, to handling the record, to what often amounts to better sound quality, there’s just something pure about vinyl that appeals to genuine music fans.

Picture of Modern Day Record Player

Picture of Modern Day Record Player

Another important factor in the resurgence of vinyl is that music supply shops, producers and record companies have reacted with encouragement to the trend, offering new ways of enjoying vinyl without sacrificing the convenience of digital music.

For example, many people blindly assume that it’s hard to purchase a record player these days, but at MySmartBuy you can not only purchase a working record player, but one that can play vinyl and transfer music to MP3 format. This gives listeners the option to enjoy vinyl quality at home, but still take their music out of the house.

Another example is that many new vinyl records are coming with coupons attached that can be used to download the record’s music in digital form. This is a very popular concept for people who want vinyl, but don’t want to pay a second time to enjoy their music on an iPod or similar device.

Ultimately, in an industry that’s constantly spiraling onward and exploring new technology, it seems that vinyl has carved out a permanent place for itself. Pick up a few records for yourself, and you may start to understand why music fans just can’t seem to let vinyl go.


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